Sustainable Knitwear
VeraKnit In Detail
Made from responsibly-sourced EcoVero Viscose, VeraKnit is a premium weight fabric that’s super soft and flexible. It naturally sculpts the body, allowing for maximum movement and form-hugging comfort.
What makes VeraKnit?
Sustainable wood pulp is turned into viscose (a biobased fiber) through a process that uses recycled water.
Renewable Wood Pulp
Our renewable raw material, wood pulp, comes from certified and controlled sources derived from sustainably-managed forests.
Recycled Water
VeraKnit has up to 50% lower water impact than most performance wear. Plus, we clean and filter the water we use before returning it to nature.
Lower CO2 Emissions
Our manufacturing process lessens C02 emmisions to the air by 50%—helping to combat climate change.
Bio-based for natural comfort

With ultra comfort in mind, our premium weight fabric molds to your body for an unrestricted yet supportive fit. The knitted structure offers 360-stretch (much like your favorite athleisurewear) and is engineered to withstand the toughest kind of wear and tear. It’s high-performance wear for high-performance people.

Manufactured at the highest 
eco standards

Wood pulp, our primary natural and renewable raw material, come from certified and controlled sources derived from sustainably-managed forests. The non-profit environmental protection organization Canopy has consistently ranked our viscose among the best for its use of sustainable sourcing practices.

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