Made with HeatSense
Introducing SolBase: The Future of Sun Protection
We've joined forces with renowned esthetician and Sun Safety Champion, Ian Michael Crumm, to develop a game-changing UPF 50+ baselayer that goes beyond sun protection.
What makes HeatSense?
Heatsense protects the skin from hospital UV lighting and harmful UV rays, using cutting-edge fabric science and biodegradable technology.
UPF 50+ UV Protection
Protecting you from harmful effects of the sun and UV lighting.
CiCLO® Technology
A bio-additive ingredient that activates in landfill and natural environments to allow biodegradation of our synthetic fibers.
Recycled Water
Manufactured with a closed loop water recycling system, reducing water use by up to 70%.
Unleash the Power of UPF

Our advanced HeatSense technology ensures a UPF 50+ rating safeguarding your skin from UV rays from the sun and clinical lighting.

With moisture-wicking properties and exceptional stretchiness this will be your go to layering piece from boardroom to boardwalk.

Crafted with Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Processes

We save 70% more water with our innovative process that recycles water. As an Oekotex-100 certified facility, our materials undergo thorough testing for up to 350 toxins, ensuring no harmful substances are present.

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Made with HeatSense

SolBase Women's Baselayer
2 Colors
Made with HeatSense

SolBase Men's Baselayer
2 Colors
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